In the midst of a global pandemic and a social justice uprising, we have all at some point felt a bit helpless and just wanted someone to step in and assist.  Someone to give us guidance and direction that leads to a familiar path of safety and security.  Throughout the last few months, we’ve seen varying forms of leadership from the White House, past Presidents, local mayors, and our own managers and other co-workers at our places of employment.  Our leaders are who we turn to for guidance, but all leadership doesn’t require a title and there’s never a wrong time for anyone to step up and be a leader. 

Effective leadership isn’t just telling people what to do.  While there are various leadership styles such as democratic, autocratic, strategic, transformational, and transactional.  There’s one style that is most effective during times of crisis and that’s leading with your heart.  We must learn to have more apathy and empathy for humankind; be it our family, neighbors, and especially our co-workers.  Why? Ultimately, amidst the chaos we still have a job to do be it at work, at home, or in our communities.  A job where we are expected to give both timely and quality service.  

Many of us at some time in our careers have been challenged to lead matrixed teams without a fancy title or direct managerial authorities.  Our team is constantly challenged with ensuring we provide our customers with the correct tools and services to successfully manage their day to day businesses.  And during this crisis, some of us are not okay and are struggling to balance emotions but we still show up every day to do our jobs.  Now is the time to be sensitive to each other’s feelings, emotions, and unique experiences. 

I challenge you to step up and be a leader.  Whether it’s taking on an extra assignment, assisting a co-worker, making a tough but right decision, lending a listening ear, or simply extending kindness.  Now is the time!  The time for each of us to dig deep in our soul to lead and inspire each other to be our best and to do our best because we are stronger together and need each other to survive.  Remember to lead with your heart because united we stand. 

Renay Butler, Inc.