1.  Practice a spirit of Gratitude:  Each day when you rise and before you retire spend a few moments reciting all the reasons you have to be grateful.  Once you develop a practice of gratitude, the world around you will look drastically different and you will be a happier person.  This will also help to keep you sane and mentally aligned. 

2.  Find the opportunity:  Every problem or issue requires a solution.  Look for the opportunity to change the situation for the good or how to make it better not just for you but for others too.  Napoleon Hill said “every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it a seed of equivalent benefit”. 

3.  Make Time your friend:  Nothing lasts forever; just know that whatever you are going through is temporary.  In due time, this too shall pass.   

4.  Make it your Teacher:  We must shift our mindset.  Begin to ask yourself “what can I learn or take away from this situation?    

5.  Let it Transform you:  Adversity can be your allay.  Let it inspire you to be better, do better, help you create the best version of yourself.  Let it motivate and push you beyond your comfort zone.  Shift your thoughts from “This is happening to me TO This is happening for me”.  This is for me to become better, it’s for me to see the good, it’s for me to transform, and it’s for me to overcome. 

6.  Use it as your TESTIMONY:  You would not have a story or testimony if you didn’t have a test or some type of adversity in your life.  Embrace the struggle, study, and work through this examination period.

7.  Let go & Release the Fear:  Whatever it is that’s holding you down, release it back to the world.  Reframe your thoughts, realign your inner vibrations, seek peace of mind.  Remember, this is temporary. 

8.  Refocus:  Center yourself and refocus on the outcome.  We all have a desired outcome for every situation or task.  Focus on your end goal and use the adversity to promote creativity and unique solutions. 

9.  Disrupt the world:  Most disruptive leaders and organizations use adversity to help them think outside the box.  They use these moments to drive to the edge, take a deep breath, and take the risk to drastically change how the world looks at situations.  This thought process can be used for almost every situation encountered in life.  I’m not saying it’s easy but I am saying it just may be worth it.  If you fail, celebrate your openness and willingness to go beyond your own fears. 

10.  Embrace the ride:  How many times have we felt like we were going through it.  Once we get to the other side, we look back and laugh about it or we tell stories about the journey.  Then suddenly, we embrace the lesson.  We embrace the change it brought about.   

Renay L. Butler, CEO

Renay Butler, Inc. &

Goal Grinders, Inc.